Islam is the comprehensive & perfect life system for offspring of Mankind, which is the real source of “Quran and Sunnah”.

So, therefore, the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) declared to must be achieved the knowledge and the superior person is that who learn the Holy Quran & teach them as well.

Iqra Tafheem-ul-Quran Academy Al-Hamdulillah (Halqa Ahbab Trust) has been engaged in serving education and training program since 2001 at Hussainabad, where students are given worldly and Islamic education with keeping the view of contemporary requirements, especially concerned with the aspiration of Islamic views. So that

These masonry could be performed the greatest duty and promote to their nation and country.


To provide Islamic & modern education &
build good personalities who would serve Islam &

get success in this world & hereafter.

Our Mission

  • To establish of such persons, those are having the expertise in contemporary and religious knowledge in the light of Holy Quran & Sunnah.
  • Those are sacred moralist with education.
  • To avoid bias, ethnic and sectarianism.
  • Those ambitions are excellence of Islam.


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